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Video killed the radio star

Assisting with the Rock Show was fun but the show was dominated by coverage of the Manx Parish Walk. Even when the broadcast wasn't being handed over to the sports commentators covering the Walk John spent a lot of time on the phone setting up the next live broadcasts, gathering information about the walk, and taking requests for messages to be read out to walkers. Consequently he sometimes wasn't able to eject the CD caddy to take the next track from me and had to just play whatever the normal station playlist computer was coming up with - and there is no separate setting for the Rock Show, which led to some odd choices.

I would like to make it perfectly clear that Bill Haley's "Rock around the Clock" and Chicory Tip's "Son of my Father" were nothing whatever to do with me, and neither were a couple of other non-rock tracks that cropped up. And the Supertramp track was a listener request.

When I did get the chance to choose the tracks I tried to alternate something current and something old, something soft and something heavy, and so on. Sometimes it even worked out like that.

And if any of you did look at the web-cam, the person in view will have been John not me. I've got a full head of hair.
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