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Blasts from the Past

Happy Birthday to elenorlaura

Today I went back to the very early days of this journal, because I discovered that I had never put Merry Sport into Memories, and while I was searching for the post containing that story I discovered that a couple of my early drabbles had been posted as links to the website rather than as LJ posts. They’re not in Memories either and so I’m going to post them now for that reason.

Both of them are AtS S5, both rated R. The first is 100 words, but the second is 250 words and so not a true drabble.

Better than Bandicoots

Hamilton burst through the door and strode towards his target, but halted, flustered, as he saw what was going on. “Sorry,” he said, blushing. “I’ll come back to pulverize you and drag you off to humiliating captivity and death another time. When you’ve finished. Sorry.” He backed away, averting his eyes, and exited hastily.

“It is, then, customary for humans not to interrupt mating rituals?” Illyria observed. “Good. This is - ohhh - most pleasurable. How long can you continue?”

Drogyn raised his mouth from her nipple. “I am the Battlebrand, the Eternal. I can go on for a long, long, time.”

- - - - -

Love Bites

Angel emerged from the elevator and walked towards his secretary’s desk. “Harmony, where’s Hamilton?” he asked.

“I stuck him in that closet,” Harmony told him nervously. “You know, the one where I put Fred and Lorne that time? Only, not a good place long term, so we’ll have to get rid of the body somewhere else and I know a dumpster’s just totally not the best or I would have put him there.”

“You killed him?” Angel gasped in disbelief.

“Is that not okay?” Harmony frowned. “I know you’ve got the zero tolerance policy, but I figured he didn’t count. I mean, he was a bad guy, so it was okay to kill him, wasn’t it, Boss? You said you wanted me to keep him out of the way for as long as possible, and hey, can’t get longer than forever, right?”

Angel was too stunned to put a halt to her babbling at first. Eventually he pulled himself together and spoke up. “Yeah, Harmony, it was okay. I was planning on killing him myself. You did well.”

“Cool!” she squealed delightedly. “I was worried, you know. ‘Cause, the camel was totally the right thing, and you were cross with me.”

“Sorry about that.” Angel frowned. “Just how did you manage to kill him, Harmony? He seemed a bit out of your league, if you don’t mind me saying so.”

“Maybe. But he totally shouldn’t have made me come while I was giving him a blow job. I got bitey.”

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