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Drabble: Necrochronology

I’ve decided to stay on a nocturnal sleeping pattern during these five days off work. Usually I stay up during the first day to force myself back into diurnal habits, but that often means that I’m too tired during that day to do anything constructive and effectively I lose one of my days off. I then pass out in the early evening and wake at about four a.m. Forcing myself back to nocturnal habits on the final day can be stressful too. So I’m not going to bother.

I’ve been up less than three hours, and haven’t had a chance yet to do anything with the WIPs, but here is a drabble. A one-off, not part of any series. 100 words, G.


“Flares, gold medallion, white jacket,” Buffy mused. “Totally the ‘Night Fever’ look. Definitely 1977. That girl vamp in the leather skirt? She so belongs on the hood of Whitesnake’s car. 1985. Ooh, frock coat and gaiters! So Nathaniel Hawthorne. I’d say he was turned somewhere around 1851. Hey, isn’t that Lyle Gorch? Stetson, Maxim gun bullet wounds, I’d put his turning date at 1913.”

Xander frowned. “Buffy, we care about you, and we're worried about you,” he said.

“Yeah,” Willow backed him. “It’s getting kinda creepy, Buff. We really think you should get over this whole obsession with dating vampires.”

Tags: drabbles, fic

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