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Drabble: The Snarking of the Hunt

Happy Birthday to hobbituk
I haven’t time to work on long fics during my work nights but here’s another drabble in my AtS/Moby Dick crossover series, following on from Call Me Ishmael and Thanks for all the Fish. I haven’t thought of an overall title for the series yet, but I do know that there will be more to come. 100 words, rating G (for now).

The Snarking of the Hunt

“With Buffy unwilling to follow Council orders there was simply no opportunity to function as a Watcher,” Wesley explained. “And that’s why I became a rogue demon hunter.” He stared at the tattooed form of Queequeg. “You seem to have acquired some rather unusual companions since we last met, Angel.”

“Queequeg is my guide from the Powers That Be, and something of a rogue demon hunter himself,” Angel explained. “He has a lot of hunting experience.”

“I spent many years searching the seven seas for whales,” Queequeg confirmed.

“Really?” Wesley raised his eyebrows. “Did you try looking next to England?”

Tags: birthday wishes, birthdays, drabbles, queequeg

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