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Drabble: Call Me Ishmael

Happy Birthday to zubiemom

Spamming today; this is my second post. This morning I put up Chapter Three of Life, Resumed, and then I had one of my attacks of raving insanity. Here is the result; a drabble crossing over Angel Season One with – Moby Dick! 100 words, PG.

Call Me Ishmael

Angel staked two vampires, brushed off the thanks of their intended victim, and stalked off back to the bar. There he was approached by a mightily muscled and heavily tattooed Pacific islander bearing a harpoon.

“What do you want?” Angel grunted.

“I am Queequeg, former harpooner to Captain Ahab, and I led him to the White Whale,” the islander revealed. “The Powers That Be sent me. They fear that you are drifting aimlessly and in danger of losing your way. They want me to serve you as I did Ahab. I am going to help you find your true porpoise.”

ETA: I've just posted an Angelus-dusting fic at 1001waysto_dust. Fatal Boob, 250 words, PG.
Tags: birthday wishes, birthdays, drabbles, fic, queequeg
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