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Drabble: Mad World

Happy Birthday to sambony the Aikido librarian

In other news: I've been fanficced! booster17 has written a Tabula Avatar fanfic called Cobblers!. Admittedly it was written as a 20th Wedding Anniversary present for me and curiouswombat rather than Booster having been irresistibly driven to write it by the compelling qualities of my deathless prose, but it was still very much a "Squee!" moment to see it.

And in yet other news: I've substantially revised the Ats/A-Team crossover drabble that I posted yesterday to make it the first of a series. I might even post it on 'Twisting the Hellmouth'!

Here is the second part. Also 100 words, rating G. It's an LJ milestone for me; it's the 200th entry in my Memories.

Mad World

Murdock shooed his invisible dog from the bed so that Hannibal Smith could sit down. “Captain Murdock reporting for duty, Colonel!” he barked. Literally.

Hannibal didn’t bat an eyelid. He quickly briefed Murdock on their latest mission. “We just have to get you out of the psycho ward,” he finished.

“Let me get this straight, Colonel. We go through a wormhole made by magnets into a Hell dimension and fight monsters to rescue the son of two vampires who was kidnapped by an eighteenth-century vampire hunter?”

“That’s about it, Murdock,” Smith confirmed.

Murdock’s eyes rolled. “And they say I’m crazy.”

Tags: a-team, birthday wishes, birthdays, drabbles, fic

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