Speaker-to-Customers (speakr2customrs) wrote,

Birthday greetings and other things

Belated Happy Birthdays to Pixiediva, Steanne, and to Maddeinin - owner of the world's most photogenic cats!
Curiouswombat and daughter-dear are home now, but I'm working so I'm hardly getting to see them.

I won yet another runner-up award at the current round of the Lost in Spike Awards.  I would have had no idea at all if I hadn't seen congratulations to me in some of my Friends' journals.  I wonder how they found out?  Congratulations to all the other winners (most of them are on my F-list, too many to list on a work day). 
LSA Award  
LSA Award
Off to work now ...
Tags: birthday wishes, birthdays, nominations/awards
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