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I've been Nominated again

I've been nominated in the White Knight Awards for Xander-centric fanfic! "Lonely on the Mountain" is nominated for the "Mbuna Fish" Award for Xander in Africa fics, and for the "I Like the Quiet" award for just Xander, no pairing fics.

Not that I'll win - I'm up against liz_marcs in the first category and against julia_here's sublime story "Ballad of Ira Hayes" in the second - but it's lovely to be nominated Thanks to whoever nominated me - and that's probably somebody on my F-list because the link leads to the story on my LiveJournal rather than to the archived story at "I Need A Parrot".

No "Tabula Avatar" today due to work, sleep, etc, but I have made a start on the next chapter and it is just possible that I might get it done for tomorrow.
Tags: nominations/awards
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