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Congratulations to all those on my Friends list who were winners at the Lost in Spike Awards. calove, talesofspike, euro_fics, kallysten, kantayra, trepkos, enigmatic_blue, nautibitz, hollydb, josephine_64, alwaysjbj, and schehrezade_1. Hope I haven't missed anybody - it wouldn't be hard among so many.

I had been nominated myself, but I didn't obey the conditions by putting the nomination button up on my site (because of the computer going away for repair for months and taking the e-mail advising me of that condition with it, and I forgot all about it) and so I presume that I was disqualified. No worries, I'll know better next time.

Work proceeds apace on my Africander story. I'm about halfway through and I have to finish it tonight. I now return my nose to the grindstone.
Tags: discussion, fic, fic_discussion, nominations/awards
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