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Sani rompi nem I=yc, KANTAYRA! and happy birthday MAKD

Happy Birthday to makd and to kantayra!

kantayra is a marvellous person and I wish her the greatest of birthdays and all sorts of good things in general. Her stories are awesome, and her Forbidden Love website is a treasure house of not only her own stories but also loads of wonderful recs and challenges.

One of the challenges, of course, was the one which I answered by writing It's Got To Be Perfect.

The recs include two for me; and her delightful reviews for IGTBP and I Am The Walrus were for a long time the largest single source of referrals for my site. Plus, they are so lovely they give me a warm glow of pride every time I read them. Sometimes I just go there and look at them and gloat and go "Squeee!" And I've found some gems by following her other recs too.

So, everybody please join me in singing "Happy Birthday" to kantayra - IN COPTIC!

Sani rompi nem I=yc
Sani rompi nem I=yc
Qen bikani nem binani
Sani rompi nem I=yc

Alas, she has recently announced her departure from the Buffyverse fandom, but she gave me lots of pleasure in the past. Uh, perhaps I should rephrase that ...

makd is the unchallenged Queen of Recs. Her lists of fanfic recommendations are gems; and I am proud to have often been included in those lists, and to have had lots of helpful and encouraging feedback. May she have a wonderful birthday!

In other news, I've at last got into gear with my Africander ficathon story. I'd done 650 words up to last night, and I was struggling, but then I decided to change it to first person POV, it all fell into place, and now I've done 2,700. I only have one more night to finish it off (I sleep during the day, remember!), but I'm fairly confident that I'll manage it. I hope so, anyway.
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