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Birthday greetings and a Drabble

I haven't posted at all for over a week, and I've missed a few birthdays.

Belated happy birthdays to sarcasticbitca, Sandy aka sp23, and treiza.
On-time Happy Birthday to bloodshedbaby.

I'm plodding away at my entry for ludditerobot's "Scatterlings and Orphanages" Africander ficathon. The story is called "Lonely on the Mountain" and it's set in Malawi, where I lived for six years, but despite that advantage it's still not coming easily. It’s due on the 19th; but I go back to work on the 16th and so effectively that's when I've got to have it finished. I don't think I'll ever sign up to a ficathon again.

However during a discussion about the ficathon ludditerobot mentioned having written a drabble about Xander stuck in the Sahara and so I decided to do one as well. This is the result. 100 words, rating G.

The Riddle of the Sands

Xander trudged across the burning sands. He was making very slow progress. Six hours walking had got him perhaps two miles across the treacherous surface.

At long last he came to the oasis that he sought. A Sufi mystic resided there and dispensed the wisdom of the ages. Xander slaked his thirst in the cool water, although it tasted suspiciously of camel urine, and then approached the wise man.

“Tell me, wise Sufi,” Xander implored, “how can I make progress on foot across the desert?”

“It is a simple matter, oh one-eyed traveller,” the Sufi revealed. “Walk like an Egyptian.”

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