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Birthday greetings and drabbles

Happy birthday debxena

Unfortunately I’m late in her time zone, although not in mine.

I’ve been murderously busy at work; there were only two of us out of five there last night, and I came home totally exhausted. I really needed to stay up today so that I could be on a daytime schedule for tomorrow, when I’ve got to go on a First Aid course in preparation for my promotion, but I couldn’t. I was so shattered that I had to go straight to bed. I hope I’ll be able to sleep tonight otherwise tomorrow is going to be a big struggle.

I’m hoping to get my real computer back tomorrow, and that will make it easier to get on with the writing.

I did manage to do a little bit of work today on the next chapter of ‘Dojo Hard’, and I’ve knocked off another couple of drabbles. The first one inspired by an icon that I saw on curiouswombat’s F-list, and the second another take on something that I did recently. 100 words each.

What a difference R-A makes

Buffy’s first day at Sunnydale High had been pretty good so far, and she’d made some new friends. She was walking happily along the corridors when she encountered a very strange figure and stopped to stare. He was the blackest man she had ever seen in her life, and his garb of tattered string vest, shorts, and flip-flops was unusual to say the least; it was, however, the Kalashnikov hanging from his neck and the marijuana and gunpowder spliff in his mouth that really made him stand out.

“Buffy Summers?” he greeted her. “I is Rupert Giles, the school Liberian.”

Principal Kong

After his narrow escape from being devoured by the pack of hyena-possessed students Principal Flutie decided to take a more active interest in the demonic activities of Sunnydale. He proved surprisingly adept both at research and at magic and was instrumental in resouling Angelus.

At Buffy’s graduation the Principal and Giles battled the ascended Mayor with lethal spells. The explosives proved to be unnecessary as the giant demon snake fell before the mages’ might.

“Cool, Giles, you so rock,” Buffy congratulated her Watcher after the battle.

“Thanks, but I don’t deserve your praise,” Giles replied. “’Twas Flutie killed the beast.”

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