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Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick

A few days ago I was looking at my site stats and saw referrals from an awards site I didn't recognise, so I went there and found that I'd been nominated for 3 awards. It's the Lie to Me Awards. I was nominated for the "Dumb, Blonde, and Beautiful" award (best Harmony story) for Pyromania, and for the "Roll around laughing" and the "Not another like it" awards for I am the Walrus.

I haven't got the remotest idea who nominated me; big thanks to whoever it is. I presume my ISP's spam-blocker ate any advice of the nominations I'd been sent.

Anyway, I saw that "No category with less than 3 nominees will be judged. The nominees will be held over to the next round", and that there were only 2 nominees for the "Dumb, Blonde, and Beautiful" award; so I went back and nominated nihilistbear's "A Day in the life of someone just like you in that category, because it's gorgeous.

And I won't regret it if she beats me and wins. Really. Well, not much.

I got my debriefing today about why I didn't get the promotion. My own fault. See, I tend to believe people want what they ask for. I was asked for an example of my contribution to team-work, so I gave one. The person who beat me gave six. I could have given six hundred if I'd realised that "an example" meant "a number of examples greater than 0 and less than infinity".

The Team Leader who debriefed me told me that she'd been hoping I would mention various things that she knew I'd done, but I didn't so she wasn't allowed to take them into consideration. Basically the fact that I was being interviewed by people who know my worth worked against me; it was hard for me to sell myself to friends, I'd probably have done a better job if they'd been strangers, and only the interview could be counted - they had to disregard everything they already knew about me. Bummer.

This brings me to my recent ficathon story Working for the Yankee Dollar. Again, I believed that I should do exactly what was requested. It asked for "up to two other characters (besides Spike and Buffy) - Gunn, Dawn". So that's what I gave them. No Xander, no Willow, no Tara; just Spike, Buffy, Dawn, Gunn, the Big Bad and supporting cast of Original Characters (and a tiny cameo appearance by a certain member of the BtVS/Angel writing team). I had to do a couple of contortions, and drop a scene I would have liked to include, to keep the other Scoobies out.

Now I've been reading some of the other submissions and it seems I had the wrong idea entirely. I could have had as many of the others in the story as I liked (except Wesley, who was specifically excluded by the requestor).

That's the trouble with being an alien stranded on a strange planet. You humans don't say what you mean.

Oh well.

I actually had a good day at work. I got a blow job in the stationery cupboard had several different customers tell me I was wonderful; one started off the call crying and was laughing by the end of the call and telling me that my suggestions had saved her life. Now that's job satisfaction.
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