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She comes from a land down under ...

I wouldn't normally have bothered to post so early in the day, when so far all I've got to say is that I've got five days off work (that means 15 days, with my normal 5 nights off before and after) but that I've got to spend some of it studying for my Lending Accreditation. I'm going to be able to approve (or turn down) customers' requests for loans and overdrafts in the middle of the night. They will learn to grovel before me! It's not a lot of power, so it won't corrupt me all that much, but it's a start.

And my body clock is totally screwed. I went to bed at 3.30 yesterday afternoon, got up at 11.30 at night, and today I plan on going to bed about 10 pm and hopefully joining the same day as my wife and daughter within a day or two.

But I've got to post now because it's hezzabeth's birthday, and she's in Australia (Sydney?) and so today is nearly over for her already.

Happy Birthday hezzabeth

Hope it was a good one, cobber, no worries!
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