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Birthday greetings, computer woes, and a request for help

happy birthday meli1_77 & ergie

My writing and posting has been hampered over the past 2 weeks because my computer had a fault in its motherboard and had to go back to the manufacturer for repair under warranty. It should have come back to the local shop early last week, when they were going to install extra RAM and a top-spec graphics card and give it to me back probably Thursday. That hasn’t happened, because the courier firm bringing it back from the manufacturers have lost it.

The shop thinks they’ve sent it to the Isle of Wight, or the Isle of Skye, or the Isles of Scilly; not the Isle of Man, anyway. If it doesn’t turn up they’ll replace the whole computer, so I won’t lose out – except for some of the non-vital stuff on the hard disk that I don’t have backed up, such as my collection of Buffyverse vids – but it means that this period of working on my old computer is dragging on for a long time. It crashes. A lot. Sometimes in the middle of writing, and although I save every five minutes I still lose some things – the recovery feature in Word doesn’t work reliably on this computer – and also sometimes it goes through a cycle of shutting itself down and restarting for ten minutes before it will work. It takes so long to start up after it’s been switched off that when I’m back at work it might not be feasible to start it up when I come home in the morning, and I might end up missing out on some posts on my F-list as a result.


Can anyone help me find a fic that I want to re-read? ETA: diabola79 has found it for me.

Thanks to everyone who has commented on ‘The Hounds of Love’.
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