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My strange time-shifted life ...

"Sunnydale Passions" has been nominated at the Lost In Spike Awards

In other news - when I went in to work on Monday daytime they told me they needed me to work Friday night. So, this week I've been phasing towards it, working an hour later each day; Monday 9-15 to 19-15, Tuesday 10.30 - 20.30, Wednesday 11.30 to 21.30, last night 12.30 to 22.30. Tonight I'm back on 22.00 to 8 am, and then I'm off. I stayed up last night until 5 in the morning (doing some writing, although I was too tired to do much) and I managed to sleep until 1.45 this afternoon so I should be able to make it through the night. Of course I'll probably have to sleep through the day tomorrow.

My body clock is going to be so screwed up.
Tags: general, nominations/awards
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