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I'd have got the promotion back in Holland Manners' time...

I hate real life at the moment. I am so incredibly pissed off at not getting the promotion that compared to me Willow was merely mildly irritated by the shooting of Tara. However possession of guns is illegal here so I won't go postal.

Instead I'll post. This is a drabble I wrote for the "Shapes of Spike" series on the Bloody Awful Gutter. AtS S5 spoilers.

Girls Just Wanna ...

When we fought to the death I killed him first.

Now I call him ‘pet’ and hit his nose. I take his ‘clipboard’. I mock his blows. In truth his skill is great for one who has had little more than one century of combat. He grows angry; yet his eyes sparkle, the corners of his mouth turn up.

I am diminished. Reduced. Trapped in this place, in this shell, and I must learn.

From Wesley I learn to care. From the chieftain I learn of the mission.

And from the white-haired one?

I think I learn to have ‘fun’.

And now back to work on the ficathon story I promised i_digress_uk. Deadline 3 days away, probably half way through it, but it's really flying now. Shame it doesn't call for the hideous mutilation of a Call Centre manager or two.
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