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"Fanfic Idol"

I'm going to have to take drastic action.

Here am I thinking that the title of most exciting new talent in the Buffy fanfic field is a straight fight between me and Jerusha* (enigmaticblues), and then along comes Helga von Nutwimple (theohara) and blitzes both of us.

So, I'll have to pull out all the stops. Jerusha has got the field of beautifully subtle and bittersweeet character development pretty well sewn up, (man, her new one All the Graces of the Dawn
is looking good!) so I'll have to go for sensationalism.

Expect future chapters of Pandora's Boxer to feature Buffy hang-gliding naked into the Republican Party Convention; the sequel to I am the walrus including Spike taking his relationship with Paul the Walrus to a more intimate level; the next of the BuffyBot stories to be about Violent Elizabeth going back in time to kill Sarah Connor, overshooting, and having to battle against Mastodons and Sabre-toothed tigers on the edge of a tar pit; and It's Got to be Perfect turning into an NC-17 songfic with lots of gratuitous Naked! Spike! and cameo appearances by the Pilates of the Caribbean (sort of like the Pirates but they do lots of exercises and wash their hands a lot).

Or then again I could just get on with the plotlines originally planned, accept the silver or bronze medal, and hope that Helga fails the drug test.

*I know there are other fantastic writers out there, but AFAIK they were around before me (Feb 22 2004 was the first time I ever made anything available on the net) and so don't qualify to take part in my own private little competition. For which I make the rules and determine the list of entrants. And I'm lying third! Why don't I just cheat and declare myself the winner? Because that would be wrong.
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