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Birthday greetings and other things

Happy Birthday to thomasina75

Congratulations to the winners in the "Lost in Spike" awards - too many of my F-list to list individually.

I've no plans at the moment to see "Serenity" - the local cinema isn't showing it yet, for a start, and even when it does movie-going isn't something that it's easy to fit in with my shift patterns - but I thought that some of you might be interested to know that it was reviewed in the current issue of "Nuts" magazine.

"Nuts" is a "lads mag". It is full of boobs, beer, football, computer games, and people having horrible accidents preferably involving their testicles being eaten by aardvarks. It sells extremely well - the pin-up girls in it keep their knickers on, and so it is sold in outlets that won't touch the magazines that are actually softcore porn. It's extremely influential on the 18-30 men's market segment.

And it rated Serenity extremely highly. Highest of all this week's films. Next week Wallace and Grommit will overshadow everything else in the UK, of course, but Serenity has had at least one week of attention.

I'm off work tomorrow night, booked long ago, and I had asked for the next two nights off so that it would link up to my 5 nights off and make it a holiday rather than a single night's break. Well, it turns out that I can have Monday off but not Tuesday, so no holiday as such (can't go back to non-work sleeping patterns). But at least it will give me some writing time.
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