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Back to work again

Back off to work in 15 minutes. I've been struggling dreadfully with the conclusion of "Angel of the Morning"; the conflicts are over, the heroine is established with the hero, there's nothing to do but to tie up some loose ends, and making it interesting is hard. I'm also having problems keeping it distinctly different enough from the conclusion of "It's Got To Be Perfect", and I may end up scrapping everything that I've written on this chapter so far because I'm not sure that I've avoided that pitfall. The discussions that resulted from my recent Essay post have actually been very useful to me in helping me to visualise Willow, Xander, and Spike's points of view on some of the recent events in the story.

I've got Monday night off work, and I've applied for Tuesday and Wednesday nights off, and so I might have 8 consecutive nights off and that would give me plenty of time to get it finished. If I don't get those extra nights off I promise that I'll spend all Monday night writing.
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